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The FileSafe Solution by Data Vault Technologies, is a comprehensive, off-site backup solution for credit unions, mortgage companies and small businesses. We offer simple, reliable, secure and automated backups with great features, including:

Fully Automated - No More Swapping of Tapes
Restores Quick and Easy - Data Always Online
Secure - Data Encrypted at all Times
Equivalent to a 90-day "Tape Rotation"
Supports Multiple Backup Groups/Schedules
Optional CD/DVD Transfer for Archiving Data
Robust Open File Manager Module Available

Data Vault Technologies is a Maryland based technology solutions provider that specializes in providing advanced technology services to the credit union industry.
FileSafe is one of our many services, that include web hosting and design, managed security solutions, network installation and maintenance, WANs, VPNs, Internet connectivity, security consulting and much more.

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We are resellers for:
Netgear, Netopia, Sonicwall, Seagate, Maxtor, Proxim, Linksys
Covad, U.S. LEC, SnappyDSL, COFS.Net, and other DSL and T-1 providers.

Our Primary customer base includes:
Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies, Automobile Dealerships and Small Businesses in Baltimore, Washington DC and Virginia

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